Waste into Profits

Make the world a better place while doing profitable business.
There is no better way to ensure the future of our planet
than to enable a sustainable way of living.

Wimao WayOur technology

Plastic Waste Is a Major Global Problem

If plastic waste is not recycled it will end up in our nature and oceans. This is not a heritage we wish to leave our children.

Plastic should no longer be considered waste but, rather, an inexpensive resource for producing high-quality recycled plastic or composite products.

Make the world a better place while doing profitable business.

Plastic Waste Recycling Is the Only Way to Succeed!

Convert your waste materials into new ecological composite or plastic products.

Plastic is an excellent material for many applications. It is durable, lightweight and easy to commercialise, and often even has a minimal carbon footprint. Problems begin when a plastic product reaches the end of its life cycle and becomes waste.

However, at WIMAO we see it differently. With the help of new patented technology, plastics and various difficult-to-recycle waste streams can be given new life. Our technology turns your waste into profitable business.

Mixed plastic waste into high-quality composite

Wimao Recycling Process Technology is a patented and proven technology that recycles mixed plastic waste into high-quality plastic or composite products such as cargo pallets, boxes, furniture, industrial components, etc.

Integration with local waste management

The Wimao Recycling Process Technology may be assembled in the proximity of any waste area. The plant’s recycling capacity can be adjusted according to need starting from ca. 4.000 tonnes of various types of plastic waste annually.

Wision I

Valid Business

  • Recycling must be a profitable business
  • The products of a recycling plant must be high-quality
  • The products made of recycled materials must be price competitive

Wision II

Cleaner society

  • Multiple waste materials are used as raw material for new products
  • Recyclable materials are handled locally
  • No need to separate plastic grades from each other

Wision III

Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Waste processing creates a carbon sink
  • Using recycled raw materials for manufacturing a product reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1–4 times its weight