The vision and mission

Wimao Ltd.

WIMAO Ltd has been established in 2016 when founders Ville Immonen, Timo Kärki and Juha Varis met in LUT (Lappeenranta University). Professors Timo and Juha had contrived a completely different approach to treating waste by compressing. Visionary engineer Ville had a huge passion for further development, and he wanted to bring this new technology to use. The first waste composite plant was started up in Lappeenranta in year 2018.

WIMAO comes from the words “waste is material and opportunity”.



A waste-free world and Europe at the forefront circular economy.



Flip the ’take, make, dispose’ model on its head.

We rematerialize the waste into reusable composite, that´s where our Wimao – Recycle Process Technology comes from.

Clean. Efficient.

The innovative technology used by Wimao will help to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions traditionally caused by incineration, which is the standard process used to deal with materials that are ordinarily considered waste. By extending the life cycle of these materials, Wimao techology is directly contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. This technology can be utilized around the world, it has the potential to change global industries.