The Wimao Tech

Wimao Recycling Process Technology

We rematerialise waste into reusable plastic or composite products. That’s the Wimao Recycling Process Technology in a nutshell.

Wimao Recycling Process Technology uses a series of thermal and mechanical operations to turn mixed plastic waste into high-value, ecological plastic and composite products. The technology is protected internationally by three patent families.

In addition to plastic waste, a portion of the raw material can be wood, paper and board fibres as well as various mineral, textile, glass and carbon fibres and different polymers.

The main advantage of our technology is that it allows content variations and impurities in the raw material, which makes sorting and pre-treatment easier. It also enables the recycling of materials that are hard or impossible to recycle using other technologies. For example, there is no need to sort different plastic grades separately from each other. Another example, textile waste does not have to be separated into fibres – instead, it can go through the process as it is.

For every tonne of waste processed, we produce one tonne of ecological plastic or composite products and reduce 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Modular, scalable concept

  • Scalable Wimao Recycling Process Technology
  • Easy recycling of mixed plastic waste right at its source, in any part of the world.
  • Capacity easily adjusted to needs

Full support

  • Support in operations
  • Product development tailored to client’s needs or ready-to-use product
  • Possibility of assistance in product sales

Unlimited applications

Ecological composite products can be used in a practically unlimited range of industrial applications. For example, in construction, vehicles, lighting, logistics and packaging.

The process can be divided into three main phases.

The 1st phase
Crushing Section

Crushing, grinding and pre-treatment of waste materials

The 2nd phase
Compounding Section

Composite material manufacturing: This is where we make the desired material mix based on the waste streams and the desired end product.

The 3rd phase
Forming Section

End product forming: This consists of several phases, and the result is a ready, finished product for the markets.

Products and Services

Endless applications

The products manufactured using Wimao Recycling Process Technology are environmentally friendly and reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions.

Product and process development

Our product and process development service helps your company to design a completely new product or replace an existing one.