The Wimao Tech

Our Products Have Endless Applications

The products manufactured using Wimao Recycle Process Technology are environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of both waste and carbon dioxide emissions.

Wimao Recycling Process Technology allows endless product design possibilities and can replace products and components made of plastic, wood, metal, glass fibre, even rock and concrete.
The quality and properties of our products are similar to those of competing products. However, Wimao products stand out due to their low environmental impact and because they can often be manufactured and sold for a lower price.

Product and process development

Our product and process development service helps your company to design a completely new ecological plastic or composite product to replace an existing one.

A product made from a composite material is less expensive than its counterpart made from virgin materials. It will also reduce its weight’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions.

We take part in each product development phase from the first requirement analysis to testing and production design.

Raw material recipe

Product properties


Various product tests

If you are interested in a completely new product that is made from recycled ecological plastic, we are ready to take on the challenge! We work in close collaboration with the Lappeenranta University of Technology.